School of Floristics

First, for what and for whom?Floristic business is now a very popular niche, and many people want to open their own store or online project, and do not know where to start, and it's hard and terrible to start when there are really a lot of nuances in our hard daily work! For a beautiful picture in the instagram is a huge work! Therefore, we will gladly tell you where to start, not to step on the rake, which was attacked and we attack from time to time! Usually, the first day is fully occupied by theory! Our goal is not a boring and long story on how to revive a hydrangea or revive a rose, but a quick and detailed story of what to do and what not to do. The remaining 2 days are devoted to practice, we teach to collect bouquets, compositions in boxes, corporate and wedding compositions. We have flowers, usually the sea! Mood-cheerful and positive, tasty food, a beautiful place and great conversations! The result is open stores by our students in Moscow, Moscow region, Arzamas, Nizhnevartovsk, Barnaul and Tallinn!