Bouquets and gifts from Flower Lab

Whether you take the ways of showing your tender feelings seriously enough? As far as you are picky at the choice of expression form?

We don't doubt that you may have an inspiration to write verse letter or romantic ballad for your sweetheart, and for certain, you can give a bouquet of her favorite flowers at any time. Believing in you and your writing talent for composing passionate love lyrics, we will only afford to acquaint you with the power of sense perception by means of a natural grandeur of fresh flowers.


The art of flower design is devoted to absolute perfection and the endless aspiration for creativity. The florists and bouquet designers are being inspired and charmed by the most beautiful natural phenomenon when making the new surprising discoveries in constant creative rush, that allows them to reach the higher levels of sensual expression by means of flower language. So the most talented flower couturiers set current floristic trends and give us a chance to touch the magic world of floristic art.

Here in our studio we research the new tendencies in contemporary flower design in the smallest details to compose superb bunches of flowers bright and fresh in every sense. For instance, our graceful bouquets in hatboxes can become a perfect choice for those who have an independent way of thinking and probably wish to express intimate feelings without a word. 


Huge advances of modern floristic art allow creating extraordinary and even unimaginable flower compilations. Called into being by high-class florists fresh design solutions give birth to original and memorable representation of perfect flower combinations you can find in bouquets from Flower Lab.

As a matter of convenience of our customers the bunches of flowers in packaging boxes of various sizes are presented in several categories, therefore you can choose and order a bouquet of desirable size and composition right from our website.

In addition to chosen bouquets you can purchase some pleasant trifles and gifts such as handmade jewelry, fashionable cosmetics, stylish accessories, stuffed toys and tasty desserts.

In case of particular branding needs you can order standard Flower Lab packaging with your company's name and logo or custom packaging with individual design based on your own sketches.

We also offer a number of turnkey projects or development of custom solutions related to floral design for various business spaces, important corporate events and private celebrations along with expanded services for Enterprise customers.


The dealer network of the Flower Lab company includes more than 35 branches in Russian Federation and other countries with headquarters based in Moscow. We regularly participate in the international exhibitions where we perfect our skills and follow the newest trends to create beautiful pieces of floristic art and offer only high-quality bouquets of fresh flowers from the finest growers.


Anytime you order a bouquet from Flower Lab studio the result won't leave you indifferent, because we are not just arranging an exquisite bunches of flowers, but first of all trying hard to create sincerely fascinating forms capable of expressing your feelings, relation and gratitude.

Flower Lab — when feelings can embrace!


Certificate of completion at McQueens Flower School (London, UK)

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